Am I getting ready to shoot?

Yes, sureEach person is like a problem with several unknowns that needs to be solved. I solve one part of it before shooting, and the other during shooting. An important role in the preparation is played by physiognomy. Our face stores information about us, whether we want it or not. And our whole character, temperament and way of thinking is imprinted on it.

Often with the heroine of a novel not yet written, there is no way to meet before shooting. And the task arises to determine her character and type remotely, from photographs in the profile. What kind of character is this? What time style does she carry? What lines is the face built on: soft, round or hard? What kind of music could sound when she appeared? What is this face talking about? To penetrate deeper into the image, literature, painting and cinema often come to the rescue, and sometimes they only help determine the trend, and the story lies deeper. In this case, we write it ourselves, all together. I think over the shooting mood, character type, lines, shapes and colors, suitable textures, accessories and light.

All this is incredibly interesting and inspires me to new shootings! You are like a discoverer who went to new uncharted shores, armed with a map that he himself created! Probably it is no coincidence that these associations with swimming come to my mind! And it is no coincidence that i call our stylized shootings “dives”. It all seems a bit like diving. We are all immersed in something very deep and infinite! Each person is bottomless and his depths are sometimes hidden even from himself.

What genres do I work in ?

My specialization is shooting specifically female portraits. Wedding photo shoots, children's portraits, as well as men's portraits, I do not shoot.

Do I shoot only models?

Most of my clients are women who have almost no posing experience and who take part in the filming of this kind for the first time. Each time I prepare to shoot, I try to understand who she is, my heroine? Appearance is just a shell. And who is hidden inside? Which image will help to tell her story in more details? In which environment should it be placed, which details should be added to the frame, and which, on the contrary, should be removed? Each shoot is always a search. 
Therefore, the presence of model experience does not play a major role here.

Am I involved in creative projects?

I shoot not only commercial projects, but also creative ones. I collaborate with great interest with magazines and brands, stylists, fashion designers, makeup artists, hairdressers, videographers and models. If you are a creative person and it would be interesting for you to work together with me in a joint project, write me. I am always glad to meet new people and interesting ideas.